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Replacement for ABB NextMove e100 machine controller

ABB has discontinued it’s NextMove e100 motion controller leaving many customers surprised and in a difficult situation. Click here to learn more about ABB’s cycle management for this product.

RMP soft motion controller is a good replacement and will help customers finally migrate to performance controller that will never have EOL issues while allowing customers to continue programming using same language as e100.

We suggest switching to EtherCAT drives with your current motors. However, you could use a Powerlink to EtherCAT adapter module and continue using your current drives.

Replacement for Baldor MintDrive motion controller



ABB has also discontinued it’s MintDrive motion controller. This controller was originally designed by Baldor.


No more End-Of-Life issues

RMP is a software based motion controller that runs using RTOS on top of standard Windows 10 OS. Hence you will never have issues with the product going obsolete or reaching end-of-life




RMP motion controller can be programmed in Visual Basic, C++, or C# .NET. We offer RapidCode API and will provide dll’s that can be imported to your Visual Studio project with ease. This will make development and debugging easier compared to the e100 motion controller.


Eliminate hardware

RMP is a software based motion controller so users can run HMI and the motion controller using a single computer. This creates a simpler hardware architecture and simplifies the system. Check the drawing to better understand the RMP architecture.


Lower cost

Since a dedicated motion controller hardware is no longer required, the cost reduced dramatically. This also leads to a simpler cabinet and reduced wiring around the system.



RMP’s motion firmware runs on a RTOS called INtime for Windows. The RTOS is installed on top of standard Windows OS. This ensures that the system runs in a real-time deterministic manner.


Open Architecture

RMP is an open EtherCAT based motion controller. Hence all compatible EtherCAT servo, stepper, I/O, and other hardware are supported. Please see the list of supported nodes.


An easy way to program your machine using scripting language

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