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Automation Advantages

Automation can deliver better quality, higher throughput, lower costs, and improved safety.

Increase in Production and Throughput

Robots run 24/7, without breaks, shift changes or other impediments. By eliminating interruptions, the speed and dependability of automation ultimately reduces the cycle time for an operation to maximize throughput and profitability.

Execute Repetitive Work

Some of the work in a factory floor tends to be repetitive, cyclic, and boring.  It is difficult for the operators to remain fully dedicated to and focused on their tasks. Robots and other automated systems eliminate problems associated with repetitive tasks.

Better Quality and Consistency

Robots are more accurate and extremely repeatable.  They deliver higher quality products with less variation.  Industries such as food packaging, medical, and scientific ventures can benefit from hygienic robots.   By remaining in a controlled environment, they eliminating any exposure from the outside world normally induced by workers.

Reduced Direct Labor Costs

The most obvious advantage of robots is their cost. Robots are cheaper than most human counterparts. Despite the initial investment, the typical ROI (return on investment) is surprisingly quick.

Increased Safety

Robots are capable of lifting heavy loads without injury or fatigue.  Robots increase floor safety by preventing accidents. They can perform the riskiest jobs without the potential for human error.  This makes the work environment much safer.  Even people who oversee robots do not have to be on the shop floor.  There are now excellent tools to oversee processes online.

Keep Manufacturing local

In many cases, robots are so efficient that local companies can bring manufacturing operations back home.  This leads to lowered shipping expenses, reduction of lead times, and greater control over production.

Operate in Unsafe Surroundings

There are numerous industries where the environment is extreme or even hazardous to workers.  Robots can be used effectively in climates which are inhospitable to humans.

Production Slowdown

When a company needs to reduce production, it is easy to turn off a robot.  On the other hand, it is complicated to handle hiring, firing, and training workers to meet shifting production demands.
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