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Automation Solutions

We provide well-suited and cost-effective solutions from multiple partners

Industrial Robots


RSI offers a wide range of innovative articulated robots, covering a large number of models that are perfect for handling, spot welding, arc welding, press-shop automation, palletizing, sealing, machine tending and many other applications.


More than 40 different Industrial robot types

Payloads of 3 to 650 kg

Horizontal reach of < 1 m to over 3 m

 Repeatability down to 0.02mm

Collaborative Robots


RSI offers a wide range of innovative collaborative robots that can be safely used next to people without the need for safety fences, which can be expensive, consume a lot of floor space, and obstruct access to the robot’s workspace. 


Operates Side-by-Side with Humans


Payloads of up to 35 kg

Horizontal reach of 1.8 m

 Lightweight and Easy Installation

High Speed Pick and Assembly Robots


RSI offers more than 50 different types of high performance pick & place Delta and SCARA robots. With payloads up to 100Kg, these solutions are well suited for many different types of applications. Rotation and Tilt axes are standard options as well as a 100% stainless, hygienic design, food grade options.


FDA Approved, Hygienic IP69K Options

3D Payloads of 2 to 20 kg

2D Payloads of 3 to 100 kg

Horizontal reach up to 1.6 m dia

 Pick Rates up to 200 picks/min

Cartesian Systems, Conveyors, and Custom Solutions


Ready-to-install cartesian handling systems from RSI provide you with fast and reliable solutions for many applications: fully assembled and tested, including energy chain, and matching motor package. Standard Cartesian systems available in XYZ, XY, XZ, or single axis formats. We also offer accompanying conveyor equipment as part of a fully integrated, turn-key automation solution.


Versatile Solution Capable of Long Strokes, and High Payloads

Fully assembled and Ready-to-Install

High Mechanical Rigidity for Durability and Precision

 Combinable with electric and pneumatic actuators

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