We excel at providing complete turn-key solutions!

Engineering and Consulting Services

When engineering resources and schedules are tight, we offer complete mechanical design solutions, fabrication/assembly resources, software development and robotic integration services to help make your project a reality.

Software Development

Our team of experienced programmers have an extensive understanding of motion control and application development. Leverage us to develop your custom turn-key software solution and you will save time and money.

Application Development

Our software team develops and maintains the RapidCode API. We have an unparalleled understanding of how to apply it. We can create your application efficiently while conforming to the best practices.

Motion Programming

With clear customer input requirements we can plan the motion trajectories and integrate them seamlessly into the application.

UI Development

We deliver innovative user interface solutions that are beautiful and intuitive. We create prototype mock-ups and perform usability testing for critical direction throughout development.

Onsite Quality Assurance

After UI is complete and simulations pass acceptance, we will come onsite to complete the final testing phases and integration with hardware.

Custom Firmware

In the most challenging applications, we can develop custom control algorithms, embed inverse kinematics into the control firmware, or even eliminate vibration/resonance through advanced control techniques.

Mechanical Design Solutions and Other Resources

Our mechanical engineering team excels at providing complete turn-key design solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Design and Detailing

Our mechanical engineers offer design solutions for many applications and industries. We are ready to take your project from a napkin sketch to a set of fully detailed prints ready for manufacturing.

Modeling Software

We work with all 3D modeling software formats including Solidworks, AutoCAD, Catia, etc.

Optimization for Production

Our mechanical engineering team will help optimize your project for production. They excel at finding ways to use stock materials, make use of castings, and simplifying designs to reduce machining time and cost.

Fabrication and Assembly Resources

We have resources to fabricate individual components and assemble them into a complete turn-key solution.

Design Examples

We specialize in designing custom integrated drive systems. From conventional servo/gearhead technology to complete integrated housings for frameless torque motors.