New Era of Distribution

Mutually beneficial partnership to help OEM’s deliver higher performance & lower cost machines

Lower the Cost of Your Machine

Extensive Portfolio of Motion Products

Single Point of Contact for System Support

Achieve New Levels of Performance

Single Point of Contact

Rely on RSI to support all aspects of the machine controls from design to field support. 


Machine Design Support

We’ll advise your team with the overall mechanical and electrical design and help select the best motion technologies to meet motion requirements.  


Field Service Support

We help troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. We support your mechanical, electrical, and software engineering teams whenever issues arries with machines in the field.


More Satisfied Customers

Leveraging our intimate knowledge of your machine, we’ll help you get your customers backup and running with reduced downtime. 


Software Development Support

We provide complete software support for our products and guidance on which programming methods are best suited for the application requirements. 



We provide training seminars to get your software and engineering teams up to speed quickly. 


Streamline Supply Chain

Supply chain will apprieciate working with RSI for all motion system components. We respond to situtations dynamicaly and createvely to deliver your parts on time.

Lower the Cost of Your Machine

Realize Drammatic Cost Savings by Procuring System Components through RSI  


Offset Controller Support

Motion Controls account for 80% of the technical support required for machine builders to support their machines. When we provide the motion system components to machine builders, it allows us to spread our support costacross the entire system and provide discounts accordingly. We can often eliminate support service agreements, discount our controls, and as always provide motion system components at an aggressive price point which saves you money.


A New Era of Distribution

The typical distribuition model is to support and stock products for OEM’s.  At RSI, we take that a step further. As the motion control specialists we become an extension of your engineering team.  We provide a lot more value as your single point of contact for every stage of development, production, and field service. 



Increased Buying Power

When we bundle system components and controls through RSI we can 

Extensive Product Portfolio

RSI offers an extensive portfolio of motion products. Leverage RSI’s vast global network to select the best motion solutions for every unique application.

Conventional Servo Motors

Submersible Servo Motors

Explosion-Proof Servo Motors

Integrated Stepper Motors

Fan-Cooled Servo Motors

Hollow Bore Servo Motors

Housed Direct Drive Servo Motors

Stepper Motors

Water-Cooled Servo Motors

Integrated Servo Motors

Frameless Direct Drive Servo Motors

Inverter-Duty AC motors

Hygienic Washdown Servo Motors

High Power Servo Motors

Spindle Motors

Synchronous Reluctance Motors

Cycloidal Rotary Actuators

Roller Pinion Rotary Drives

Strainwave Rotary Actuators

Geared Rotary Positioning Tables

Planetary Rotary Actuators

Belt Rotary Positioning Tables

Roller Gear Cam Drives

Slewing Ring Drives

Precision Inline Planetary

Hygienic Washdown Gear Reducers

Helical Bevel Gear Units

Precision Right Angle Planetary

Strainwave Gear Reducers

Offset Helical Gear Units

Gear Reducers with ISO Flange Output

Precision Cycloidal Gear Reducers

Inline Helical Gear Units

Hollow Bore Gear Reducers

Precision Servo Worm Reducers

Heavy Industrial Gear Units

Belt Driven Linear Actuators

Rack & Pinion Linear Actuators

High Thrust Electric Cylinders

Frameless Arc Motors

Ballscrew Driven Linear Actuators

Actuators with Multiple Independent Carriages

Frameless Linear Motors

Rack and Roller Pinion System

High Accuracy Precision Tables

Hygienic Washdown Actuators

Linear Motor Linear Actuators

High Thrust Jack Actuators

Cantilever Actuators for Moment Loads

Precision Electric Cylinders

Tubular Linear Motors

Collaborative Robots

SCARA Robots

T-Bot Gantry Robots

Industrial Robots

Hygienic Washdown Robots

H-Bot Gantry Robots

Delta Robots

3D Cartesian Gantry Robots

7th Axis Robot Sliders

2 Axis Delta Robots

Heavy Duty Gantry Robots

Servo-Pneumatic Positioning Actuators

Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders

High Performance Proportional Valves

Servo-Pneumatic Positioning Cylinders

Pneumatic Rod Cylinders

Robotic Grippers

Servo-Pneumatic Rotary Positioners

Pneumatic Low Profile Rod Cylinders

Suction Cups

Pneumatic Rotary Tables

Rodless Magnetically Coupled Cylinders

Vacuum Pumps

Linear & Angle Encoders

Identification Solutions

Housed Rotary Encoders

2D / 3D Machine Vision


Safety Brakes

Measurement Sensors

Line Regen & Brake Resistors

Achieve New Levels of Performance

Through many years of machine development experiance, we will help select the best solutions for every unique application.


Machine Design Support


Software Development Support


Field Service Support


Simplified Support Center


Reduce Downtime


Streamline Supply Chain

Manufacturing Partner Network