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Dark Theme for RapidSetup Tool

Aug 26, 2020 | Features, Motion Controller

With the Beta release of RapidSequencer, we expect users to spend more time using RapidSetup as a development tool to create programs using RapidScript. Therefore, RSI is introducing dark theme. The new theme makes it easier on the eyes to look at a darker screen for long periods of time than it is on the lighter screen.

*Dark Theme is available if using RMP version 10.0.2+


Comparison between Light and Dark theme

Use the Slider to see the difference between the themes

Motion Controller Screen
Axis Screen
RapidSequencer Screen
MultiAxis Screen
Node Screen
IO Screen
UserLimits Screen

RMP Release Notes 10.3.2

RMP Release Notes for version 10.3.2

1- CartesianRobot class for advanced path motion and G-Code with kinematics.
2- RapidSetup Dashboard.
3- RapidSetup NetworkData filtering and pinning, mouse wheel zoom.

Introducing CartesianRobot Class

RapidCode now provides the CartesianRobot class for performing moves in a cartesian space. Through CartesianRobot, our engineers benefit from using a unified API to work with any mechanical/kinematic configuration which accelerates the process from development to production.

RMP Release Notes 10.3.1

RMP Release Notes for version 10.3.1

1- Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) support (requires feature license).
2- RapidSequencer C# API.
3- RapidSetup Sequencer IDE vastly improved.

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