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Introducing CartesianRobot Class

Oct 15, 2021 | Features, Innovation, Motion News, Robotics

RapidCode now provides the CartesianRobot class for performing moves in a cartesian space. Through CartesianRobot, engineers benefit from using a unified API to work with any mechanical/kinematic configuration which accelerates the process from development to production. Given a target pose to move to, the CartesianRobot class performs the inverse kinematics to determine the intermediate poses on the path and calculates the trajectories required to reach them. With these heavy computations abstracted away, users only need to provide the CartesianRobot with their desired poses using GCode or the PathMotion API to perform complex motion.

The image below shows the CartesianRobot parsing a GCode file in RapidSetup and then generating a render of the path.

RapidSetup Gcode Logo

The video below demonstrates a RapidArm3 robot drawing our logo using both arcs and linear movements parsed from a GCode file.

RMP Release Notes 10.3.2

RMP Release Notes for version 10.3.2

1- CartesianRobot class for advanced path motion and G-Code with kinematics.
2- RapidSetup Dashboard.
3- RapidSetup NetworkData filtering and pinning, mouse wheel zoom.

RMP Release Notes 10.3.1

RMP Release Notes for version 10.3.1

1- Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) support (requires feature license).
2- RapidSequencer C# API.
3- RapidSetup Sequencer IDE vastly improved.

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