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RMP Release Notes 10.3.1

Sep 28, 2021 | Releases

New Features

  • Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) support (requires feature license).
  • RapidSequencer C# API.
  • RapidSetup Sequencer IDE vastly improved.

General Changes

  • Nidec M750 drive support.
  • RapidSetup – new UI for the G-Code feature.
  • RapidCode – checking for INtime minimum version of 6.4.x.
  • NodeInfo – Yaskawa default support of Velocity Actual added.
  • RapidSequencer – improve idle performance.
  • RapidSequencer – discovery speed improvement.
  • RapidSequencer – UI improvements.
  • RapidSequencer requires INtime 6.4.21125.2.
  • RapidSequencer changed server architecture to be fully asynchronous.
  • RapidSequencer migrated IPC/RPC mechanisms to gRPC.

Bug Fixes

  • RapidSequencer – fix output when debugging.
  • RapidSequencer – fix uninitialized integrals in compiler errors.
  • RapidSetup – improved handling of missing ESI files.
  • RapidSequencer with various general improvements.

Introducing CartesianRobot Class

RapidCode now provides the CartesianRobot class for performing moves in a cartesian space. Through CartesianRobot, our engineers benefit from using a unified API to work with any mechanical/kinematic configuration which accelerates the process from development to production.

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