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RMP Release Notes 8.1.0

Feb 1, 2019 | Releases

New Features

  • User Limits in RapidSetup.
  • User Limits Single-Shot feature.
  • User Limits API additions to get configurations.
  • MotionController::AddressFromString and StringFromAddress methods.
  • Support for INtime USB keys.

General Changes

  • Additional Beckhoff Analog Input detection.
  • UserLimitConditionSet for 32-bit masking now uses uint32 for bitmasking types.
  • UserLimitConditionSet for 64-bit double comparison no longer requires a mask parameter.
  • Global Mutex for windows services.
  • RapidSetup error reporting improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • None this release.

RMP Release Notes 10.3.2

RMP Release Notes for version 10.3.2

1- CartesianRobot class for advanced path motion and G-Code with kinematics.
2- RapidSetup Dashboard.
3- RapidSetup NetworkData filtering and pinning, mouse wheel zoom.

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