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Case Study

Cable Reel Palletizing Application

Manually palletizing Reels full of cable is extremely labor intensive and can be a safety risk to employees as some weigh over 100 lbs.  Windy City Wire and RSI worked together to develop an automated robotic palletizing cell that could respond to 4 lane conveyors with mixed reel sizes and stack them on the appropriate pallet. Windy City Wire® has been leading the way in low-voltage wire innovations since 1994.



Company Name: Windy City Wire

Date: August, 2015


Telephone(630) 633-4500



Services Provided by RSI

Hardware Selection – RSI assisted with the selection of the industrial robots required for the application payload and reach. RSI designed Custom end of arm tooling to handle the reels as well as pickup cardboard sheets for placement between pallet layers.

Application Software and HMI Development – RSI developed an intuitive user interface; enabling operators to setup a recipe for the different cable runs and automate the process of manually stacking heavy reels of cable onto pallets..


See what Windy City Wire had to say about RSI.

Solution Technologies

  • Industrial Robot Arm
  • Custom End of Arm Tooling
  • Custom Designed Presentation Conveyors
  • Integrated Machine Vision
  • Robot Controller

Customer Benefits

  • 25% Increase in throughput
  • Reduced risk of back injury from lifting heavy cable reels.
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Eliminated some problems associated with repetitive tasks.
  • Automation equipment made operations smoother and more organized.
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