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Case Study

Cobot at ProMat Expo

Collaborative Robot demo for distribution centers and warehouses. RapidArm collaborative robot works in conjunction with conveyor based mail sorting machine to effectively pick and place mail on various conveyors.



Compay Name: NPI Sorters

Date: April, 2019





Application Summary

Collaborative Robot – The robot (RapidArm) moves scanning for mail in the box. The vacuum gripper on the robot picks mails when pressure increases. The robot has been configured torque limits to ensure that if a package is not detected then the robot is able to navigate to a different area in the box until a mail is successfully picked up.


Solution Technologies

  • sRMP EtherCAT Motion Controller
  • Ultra high Precision Angular Encoders
  • Servo Motors
  • High Torque Gearheads
  • EtherCAT Servo Drives

Customer Benefits

  • Extremely reliable control solution for mission critical applications.
  • Custom torque bias control algorithm achieves zero backlash and arc-second system accuracy.
  • Real time OS integration for application development.
  • High performance tracking ability to target objects on Land, at Sea, or in the Air.

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