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Case Study

AGV & Cobot Trade Show

A collaborative robot mounted on a AGV mobile platform. Visitors make a colored ball selection from one of the three tablet stations. Based on the ball selection, the AGV picks appropriate colored balls from pick-up tubes and delivers to the visitor stations.



Company Name: Kollmorgen


Trade show: Pack Expo 2018



Application Summary

AGV – The Host Server awaits input from the tablet HMIs. On item selection it will create a queue of stations to move to. Once a certain number of items have been selected or some timeout is exceeded, the queue will be executed and the Host Server will set a digital output, commanding the AGV to move to the first station in the queue. The Host Server will command the Robot to pick up items and will signal to the AGV to move to the next station in the queue. This will repeat until the queue is empty. The Host Server will then command the AGV to move to the first drop off station in the queue and command the Robot to deliver all items that are to end up at that station. Once this is complete the AGV will await instructions from the Host Server.

Collaborative Robot – The Host Server will command the AGV to move to a station. Once the AGV is in position, the Host Server will command the Robot to pick up as many items at the station as are in the queue and place each on the AGV fixture.

The location of each item will be recorded for use when dropping off the items. This process is repeated for each station. Once the queue to pickup all items is exhausted, the Host Server will command the AGV to the first drop-off location, and command the Robot to pick up each item that is to be dropped off at that station and place them in the receptacle. This is repeated for each drop off station.

User Interface

Waiting on Ball Animation

Main Screen

Conceptual Layout

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