CNC Control Interface for Milling Machines, Routers, WaterJets & More

RapidCNC Overview

RapidCNC is plugin that allows our open RMP EtherCAT soft motion controller to work with MachMotion’s CNC software user interface.
RapidCNC is configurable with machine specific software and features for new or used Milling machines, Lathe/Turning centers, WaterJets, Routers, OD/ID Surface Grinders and a wide variety of Custom machines.
RapidCNC has an Open Architecture – allowing OEM’s to select any compatible EtherCAT Node and any industrial PC.
RapidCNC is fully Customizable. The plugin is extremely powerful and can accommodate virtually any custom request.

Summary of G-Codes

G0 Rapid positioningG54 Use fixture offset 1
G1 Linear interpolationG55 Use fixture offset 2
G2 Clockwise circular/helical interpolationG56 Use fixture offset 3
G3 Counterclockwise circular/Helical interpolationG57 Use fixture offset 4
G4 DwellG59 Use fixture offset 6 / use general fixture number
G10 Coordinate system origin settingG61/G64 Exact stop/Constant Velocity mode
G12 Clockwise circular pocketG68/G69 Rotate program coordinate system
G13 Counterclockwise circular pocketG70/G71 Inch/Millimeter unit
G15/G16 Polar Coordinate moves in G0 and G1G73 Canned cycle – peck drilling
G17 XY Plane selectG80 Cancel motion mode
G18 XZ plane selectG81 Canned cycle – drilling
G19 YZ plane selectG82 Canned cycle – drilling with dwell
G20/G21 Inch/Millimeter unitG83 Canned cycle – peck drilling
G28 Return homeG85/G86/G88/G89 Canned cycle – boring
G28.1 Reference axesG90 Absolute distance mode
G30 Return homeG90.1 Absolute IJK mode
G31 Straight probeG91 Incremental distance mode
G40 Cancel cutter radius compensationG91.1 Incremental IJK mode
G41/G42 Start cutter radius compensation left/rightG92 Offset coordinates and set parameters
G43 Apply tool length offset (plus)G92.x Cancel G92 etc.
G49 Cancel tool length offsetG93 Inverse time feed mode
G50 Reset all scale factors to 1.0G94 Units Per Min.
G51 Set axis data input scale factorsG98 Rapid Height By Z Height
G52 Temporary coordinate system offsetsG99 Rapid Height By R Height
G53 Move in absolute machine coordinate system

Summary of M-Codes

M0Program stop
M1Optional program stop
M3/M4Rotate spindle clockwise/counterclockwise
M5Stop spindle rotation
M6Tool change (by two macros)
M7Mist on
M8Flood on
M9Mist & flood off
M30Program end and rewind
M47Repeat program from first line
M48Enable speed and feed override
M98Call subroutine
M99Return from subroutine/repeat
AA axis of machine
BB axis of machine
CC axis of machine
DTool radius compensation number
GSee G-codes table
HTool length offset index
IX axis offset for arc
X offset in G87 canned cycle
JY axis offset for arcs
Y offset in G87 canned cycle
KZ axis offset for arcs
Z offset in G87 canned cycle
LNumber or repetitions in canned cycles/subroutines
L1/L2: tool offset settings / fixture offset (with G10)
MSee M-codes
NLine number
OSubroutine label number
PDwell time in a canned cycle
Dwell time with G4
Tool / Fixture number (with G10)
Tool radius (with G41 / G42
QFeed increment in G83 canned cycle
Repetitions of subroutine call
RArc radius
Canned cycle retract level
SSpindle speed
TTool selection
XX axis of machine
YY axis of machine
ZZ axis of machine
M200Output 5 on
M201Output 5 off
M202Output 6 on
M203Output 6 off
M204Output 7 on
M205Output 7 off
M206Output 8 on
M207Output 8 off
M208Output 9 on
M209Output 9 off
M210Output 10 on
M211Output 10 off
M212Output 11 on
M213Output 11 off
M214Output 12 on
M215Output 12 off

*These custom M-codes are used to control the relay outputs on the breakout board. Outputs 5-12 must be enabled with the port set to 2 and the pin set to the corresponding relay on the breakout board (R4 = pin 4).


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