Robot Retrofit

We refurbish industrial robots, which means no need to change robot hardware, wiring, vision system, or end effector. RSI will simply replace the old controls box with a modern one.

What Makes a Retrofit Candidate?

Controls Box Not Functional

Your robot arm is in great condition but parts in the controls box are either bad, obsolete and you are having difficulty finding replacement parts.

Lack of Manufacturer Support

The robot’s manufacturer does not support the robot’s arm or control box anymore and does not offer an upgrade controls package.


Getting a new robot would involve an expensive certification process due to work environment.

Difficulty Teaching Your Robot

Your robot needs to re-taught for various tasks using antiquated software, which requires a robot programmer, making the process time consuming and expensive.

Multiple Robots Difficulty

You already have an old robot and are in need of new robot but would like a single HMI/UI for all robots to make it easier to train operator and simplify maintenance.

Lack of Software Features

Your robot is in great condition but due to the antiquated controls box, your software lacks features that would simplify tasks or programming.

Need of Machine Linkage

You want your robot to tie into other machines or conveyor systems at your facility to create seamless automation process.

Accuracy Deficiency

Your robot hardware specs indicate capability of achieving high performance but your robot controller software is not able to perform to the expected level.

Why Retrofit a Robot?


RSI will provide a flexible and affordable path to evolve to the latest robot system hardware and software technology. 


Productivity increases when a higher quality product is used. Do to the product’s upgrades, performance will improve and extend both the functionality and the lifetime of the product.



Robot equipment that is at the end of its life cycle can be replaced by retrofits, leading to improvements in reliability, safety and ultimately performance.


Custom solutions are created based on what the client wants. RSI will add or remove functionalities based on the client’s specific needs. 


When you retrofit a robot with RSI support is #1. We will become a part of your company. RSI will be there to answer all questions and concerns when needed.


One of our highest priorities is to make our APIs and/or custom UIs as intuitive as possible to facilitate the use of your newly refurbished robot.


An interface card enables communication
between your new EtherCAT drives and our state-of-the-art Robot Controller. 


Complete retrofit system from a single source and coordinated to your specific needs; professional consultation, installation, training, service and maintenance. 


Rejuvenation for your robot system. RSI will upgrade all peripheral devices to the latest EtherCAT technology. Why buy a new one when you can recycle?

Why Choose RSI?


RSI assigns specific team of software, electrical, and mechanical engineers for each customer project so that interaction with customers is quick and focused. This also enables appointed engineer for the project to be informed of all minute details since the beginning of the project.


Many companies can do robot retrofit jobs, but the experience of working with the person helping you is crucial. RSI genuinely cares about every client. This drives us to provide fanatical support on your system.


Our top of the line motion and robot controllers are high performance and powerful for the most challenging applications.


We are a responsive and a flexible mid-sized robotic and system integration company. We adapt as your system needs change. RSI is able to function at a speed and cost-effectiveness that larger companies cannot match. We’re proud to stake our reputation on it!

Software Advantages

  • Ease of use and intuitiveness
  • Complete and flexible
  • Service and support
  • Quick setup
  • Easy updates
  • Scalable and modular
  • Multiple robots control
  • Customizable for any application


Robot Retrofit Case Studies

Read about some of our other Robot Retroift successful applications.

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