Single point of contact for complete machine support!

System Level Support

We strive to provide excellent system level support to our customers. We hope to build a lasting partnership that grows and evolves with each project. Rely on us to provide a host of services and support you can count on. These services are part of our complementary support package which comes standard with every system we provide!

Motion System Technology Advice

Selecting the right motion system technologies is a crucial aspect of machine building. We begin by gathering the motion requirements, constraints, and load details for your project. Then we’ll advise which motion technology products are best suited for your application. We’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages of multiple solutions.

Electrical Support

We provide advice with the wiring of the electrical system, cabinet layout, regenerative energy system, emergency stop circuits, limits and IO, etc. We also will help configure any needed parameter settings for node devices.

Software Support

We provide complete software support for our software products including the RapidCode API and RapidSetup. We provide guidance on which programming methods are best suited for the application requirements and provide training seminars to get your software team up to speed.

Compile a Complete Bill Of Materials

We undergo an extensive sizing exercise until we’re confident the selected motion products will satsify the project needs. Then we’ll compile a complete Bill of Materials based on the results and repeat this process until the project performance goals and price targets are satisfied.

System Tuning

When the built in auto-tuners aren’t good enough, our experienced engineering team will help tune the system to satisfy motion requirements. We use powerful tools to optimize the frequency response, add filters where necessary, and validate performance within spec. We also hold training seminars to help your engineering team learn our tuning tools.

System Troubleshooting

We will help troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. We will support your mechanical, electrical, and software engineering teams through design, prototyping, production, and field service.