The RSI Difference

We deliver high quality, custom designed solutions through innovation and experience.

Discuss Areas for Automation

We will sit down with you to discuss needs and opportunities for improvement at your facility. With your experience and our expertise, we will determine the key areas to increase efficiency, improve safety, and improve reliability of your processes. We will deliver video simulations and layouts in order to ensure that our solution matches your vision.

Attention to Detail

We will work with you to collect all relevant application specifications. Our goal is to offer multiple solutions to help you decide which is best suited for your application.  Price, accuracy, throughput, environment, and machine footprint are all factors that will be examined to determine the ideal solution.  One of our primary goals is to ensure a return on the investment that makes financial sense.

Simulations and Layout Drawings

We will generate 2D and 3D layout drawings to verify that equipment footprint is within all defined constraints. We will generate detailed simulations to analyze the complete machine process. We will verify that targets are within range of motion, have a well defined collision free zone, and predict machine cycle time.

Design Engineering

We design custom end of arm tooling, grippers, fingers, and other mechanics to manipulate your payload. When “off the shelf” robot solutions are unable to meet your needs, we can design custom handling equipment to fit application requirements. We will design your electrical panel and layout the entire system.

Fabrication and Assembly

We will manage the fabrication and assembly of sub components required for your project. Robot work cells, custom framing structures, electrical panels, housings, and end of arm tooling are common tasks for us. Environmental and Industry specific requirements can be accommodated.

Software Engineering

We will develop a user interface (HMI) that is sharp, intuitive, and machine specific. Using Test Driven Development, we ensure that the software is robust throughout development. Our User Experience Design experts will collaborate with you to develop a User Interface that fits your your process. Leveraging Machine Vision, we can incorporate inspection, quality control or add precision to positioning for difficult applications. Intelligent and remote diagnostics, real time monitoring, and automatic reports to plant managers showing machine health and metrics are part of our standard package.

Project Management

Project timelines and on-site needs are mission critical elements in successfully deploying an RSI Solution. With experience working on hundreds of projects, RSI is capable of managing your project from concept stage to production. We will ensure that delivery stays on schedule, that project goals are reached, and expectations are exceeded.

Installation, Training, Maintenance & New Features

RSI’s engineering team performs and manages all installation and commissioning processes with total commitment to customer satisfaction and successful production operation. We will come onsite to install and calibrate the equipment. We will perform any final software tweaks and standby to make sure equipment is operating properly.

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